How to boost conversion rate of call to action buttons

A button which doesn’t lead to convert a call is not a button to use. It is very important for any website to make its visitor click the button, as visitors who don’t click don’t covert. conversion

But how one can force a visitor to click on button as it is something which totally depends on visitor whether he wants to click on button or not. Many websites get traffic on their page but they are not able to get it converted.

Here are some ways using which you can get your action button in use and make a visitor to click on it

  1. Copy on Button:

    This is the most important thing one needs to take care of, while giving a What you write on button is most important. It should be compelling in such a way that visitor can’t resist himself from clicking on it. The biggest thumb rule in writing copy for a button is it should always be in first button.

  2. Color of Button:

    Visuals and colors always have deep impact on human mind and accordingly it reacts. So the next important thing is to be taken care of is the color of the button. Pick a color which is attractive enough for visitor to click.buttons

  3. Location:

    Location of the button is very important. Put the button where it is easy to locate and visitor can click it easily. Button hiding somewhere or not a place where visitor can’t find it easily will never lead to conversion. Place the button where it easily grabs the attention and compel visitor to click on it.

  4. Clickable:

    Make a button look like clickable. Button which is of same font and size of other text and doesn’t appeal to be clickable will never convert the lead. So always make a button look clickable, popping out, so that visitor can easily find it and click on it.

  5. Size matters:

    Bigger is not always better. A big button is a big no, as it distracts customer from doing their work on page which can lead to no sales conversion at all. Also too small in size would also not work, so an average size is perfect which is clickable and doesn’t distract too.

  6. Give less options:

    When you give more choices to the customer, he/she tends to get confuse which results in no sale at all. Moreover, the satisfaction rate is also low when there are more choices provided to the customer. So give selected and good choices, so that customer doesn’t get confuse and click on the button to increase your sale.

When you want call to action button be convertible follow above mentioned points and boost your conversion rate!

5 Keys to Success in Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is trending form of marketing where anything and everything can be sold to people. Various social media platforms have shrunk the world into a small market where business can meet customers from across the world and grow their business.

Here are 5 keys to get success in social media marketing :-

  1. Audience is the key: When doing social media marketing, you have to look for right audience to target so that your marketing turns out to be fruitful and effective. When you target right audience, your each activity can help in engaging customers and they further help in sharing your offers and promoting business.

  2. Create right strategy: It is very important to create right strategy for different platforms in order to engage customers on the page. Launch campaigns, activities in order to interact with customers. Also remember no same strategy can work on 2 different social media platforms, so you have to be careful about that also. Regular updates are needed so that customers can stay connected via posts and help in promoting your posts.

  3. Revert back on comments: This is another important thing that needs to be taken care of. When any customer comments on something; good or bad, you should always response to it, so that they feel valued and help in promotion of your business. Even if bad comments are there, reply back by solving their issues and assuring for better services next time.

  4. Rewards for loyal customers: When you have newly launched your social media page and are looking for good promotions and marketing with the help of customers then you should always reward loyal customers who actually help you in promoting your business, sharing your posts, referring to other customers. When you reward them, they become loyal to you and always stay connected with you and help in making your business a brand.

  5. Paid campaign: These days various social media platforms are providing option of paid campaign in order to boost posts and get more likes/followers on page.Paid-Campaigns-banner This is affordable and helps in making the post seen on top of the page where customers can see, like and share it.

People like to get social and if you want business to get connected with people then use social media marketing!

Top 5 E-commerce Platform

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Online Shopping is the growing trend. Everyone wants to have their own shopping site in order to reach out to large number of customers. Getting an e-commerce platform is very easy, you just have to choose the right platform to

Here are list of top 5 e-commerce platform which can help you build customer friendly shopping portal:

  1. shopifyShopify: It is the leading e-commerce platform which helps in selling anything to everything online. It helps in developing a professional looking e-commerce site with complete control over HTML & CSS. It offers various layouts meeting your requirements so that customers can have great shopping experience. With its CMS product management you can easily add, list edit and organize products. Shopping portals are all about orders, so as soon as any order comers you can be notified via email, RSS and message on mobile phone. E-commerce marketing is the most important thing that every portal looks for. With its SEO friendly design, it can easily rank in various search engines. Click here to Create your account.
  1. big-commerceBigcommerce: it is a platform for merchants who want to sell more and at a large scale. It provides various templates to match your requirements with easy to customize website with style editor and also HTML & CSS editable in browser itself. Shopping portal is SEO friendly so it helps in bringing your portal in top search engine results. No shopping portal is complete without marketing & promotions, so it provides facility of promotional banners, newsletter subscription, and top sellers list and so on. It provides level 1 certified PCI complaint and also enterprise grade network architecture. You can easily upload many photos from your computer. It provides feature of date based events support, delivery dates support, date range, delivery confirmation of purchase via email and so on. It provides mobile selling feature also on all popular devices.
  1. 3d-cart3d Cart: It is a one stop platform with many features in it. It provides everything from website, store, blog, email, newsletters, CRM and point of sale. It is mobile ready platform too as it looks good on mobile and tabs also. It gets easily linked to various social media platforms and helps in selling products. 24*7*365 support so that in case of any trouble, experts are there to help you out. It has faster response time thus making shopping experience great.
  1. volusionVolusion: It is very good software helping in building, managing and growing your business online. Marketing is the most important thing that shopping portals take care of and with volusion doing marketing is very easy with its email marketing, coupon and discount system, campaign tracking and reporting, search engine optimization feature, gift certificate and store credit system and also affiliate management system. It provides unmatched designed solution meeting all your requirements and giving customer amazing shopping experience. 24*7 support to give expert advice on any kind of issue. Easy product management with tabs for different products. Various payment options are provided so that customers can pay as per their choice.
  1. woo-commerceWoo-commerce: It is among the top 5 leading e-commerce platforms where you can make your shopping portal. Many software comes with many good features except this they are not free and woo-commerce comes for free. It is very flexible and can be customized as per the needs. It comes with various shipping options like shipping calculations, cart calculation, shipping price etc. It comes with analytic’s tool which makes analysis and reporting easy.

Give your customers great shopping experience by choosing right e-commerce platform!

Double your traffic using Social Media

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Content plays an important role in social media marketing. However it is more important to make it reach to right people in right time, so that it can help in increasing your business.

Social media has changed the way of marketing as now the whole world is the market and your content is the tool to reach out to them. If you want your traffic to get double from social media then you have to be serious about what content you are giving people to read and how they will react.

To share your content on social media, you have to make a strategy based on following points:Traffic-From-Social-Media

  • What to share
  • When to share
  • Where to share

Lets have a glance on each, one by one.

What to share?

The first and most important thing is what to share on social media as people read see and like only those things which are of their interest or which looks interesting to them, so it is very important to decide which content will go live and attract reader which in turn will result in increasing traffic. You can see the interest of audience by their likes and shares, so that it can help in posting right content on right social media platform. You can categorize the content in following types:do-share

  • Information about your business
  • Business tips
  • General knowledge related content
  • Interesting facts
  • Entertainment related posts
  • About offers in your business
  • Breaking news from around the world
  • Interesting thoughts and quotes by various people
  • Debatable topic

You have to think about the content which can engage your customer and make them restless to wait for your content, to like and to share it.

When to share?

time-postSecond most important thing is to know the right time of sharing the content in order to draw more traffic. There should be proper schedule on each platform so that audiences can get connected to it and moreover wait for it. Another thing is to consider is the frequency of the content which should be like one or two post daily, week or in month. Depending on your content and audience, you should decide the frequency of the content.

Time is also another factor as you have to see when your audiences are using the social media, so at that time content should be posted so that they can read it reply on it and share it. However you can go by posting two to five posts daily.

Where to share?

There are different types of users on different social media platforms, so you should always see what type of content is attracting audience on which platform and then accordingly posts the content.

where-postThere should be different ways to share the same thing on different social media platform like:

  • Facebook: entertaining content must be share in order to engage your audience. Share visual content having message with less characters
  • Twitter: share business tips to draw your audience attention and share visual content with maximum 100 characters
  • LinkedIn: you can share industry news, business tips and leadership thoughts content to connect with your audiences. You can also share post with images and short messages to attract audience
  • Google+: this is apt platform to share videos and blogs. Decorate your content with good content and words to make it more reader attractive
  • Pinterest: use new and different visual content which is eye catchy to the audiences


After setting a strategy on above mentioned point’s next step come is to analyze the posts. This analysis includes:

  • To see when your targeted audience is online?
  • To see which type of posts is engaging them?
  • How many posts are important to draw the traffic?

When you analyze on the above mentioned points you can create your content accordingly which will help in doubling the traffic on social media!

7 Most Important Content Promotion Strategies


Content is the most important part of any marketing strategy for a company. A good content attracts good reader and help in driving traffic to the business. However many companies fail to tap the advantages of content strategy and work on other things to boost their traffic on website.

Here are 7 ways to promote content effectively :-

  1. Subject Selection: This is the most important thing when you decide to work with content. You have to look for what type of subject you should write with which reader can get connected and help in promoting content. You can select a topic to write based on following points:subject-selection
  • Analyze your previous posts (if any) whether it helped in engaging the reader and driving traffic to the business, if there was good response to it, then write on the topic related to the same subject.
  • See the market trend, what kind of subject is hot to write and bring reader to it and create a good engagement with them.
  1. Use Social Media Effectively: This is the most effective way to promote your content as everyone is using social media to get connected and get updates about various things. using_social_media_effectivelySo use multiple media channels to promote the content and engage your readers everywhere. When the reader comment on the content always reply them back as it will help in engaging your customer and getting connected to you for a longer time.
  1. Quality is Important: Content quality is the most important thing to be taken care. qualityPoorly written content will never engage the reader. Content should be hilarious, readable, shareable and very well written. It shouldn’t be too long that reader gets bored reading it, neither it should be very small that reader feels something is missing from it.
  1. Connect with an Influencer: influencerTry to get connected with an influencer to get a quote from him and when posting the content give reference to the influencer and credit him too. This will help in connecting with more similar people who will promote the content; moreover your brand image will built as you are connected with an influencer who helped you with the content.
  1. Link it to your Previous Popular Content: If you have any previous post which got high reader engagement, so add its link to the new content as this help the reader in getting connected to your more easily.
  1. Submit to Content Communities: You can submit your content to various content communities so that their audience can see your content and get connected to you.
  1. Use Paid Promotion: Advertising is needed for everything, be it your product or your blog. Advertising will help people in knowing about your blog and you can do it by following ways :- Paid-Promotion
    • By Banner and Display ads
    • Pay per click search marketing
    • Sponsored social media posts

Using right strategy to promote content will help the business in increasing traffic and boosting sales. So use the above strategies and make the most out of your content!

Marketing with SEO

MarketingSearch Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO is all about marketing your website to the world using various search engines. It is one of the most commonly used marketing tools which companies use to reach out to the world in less time.

Let’s know it this way…

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization which is used by website owners to improve their ranking on various search engines by using set of rules, good quality content and right process of optimization.

There are basically two types of SEO practice:

  • On-site SEO: In this type, changes are made on the website to increase visibility on the search engine.
  • Off-site SEO: In this, link building is done to improve page rank of the website (link building is done using good quality content).

Why SEO is Necessary?

Every company needs marketing to reach out to people and that too with low investment. SEO is one such marketing technique to increase reachability to the people. It is very important to tell people about any new thing launched in order to increase its sales, which can be easily done through SEO.

With availability of internet has powered people to search anything to everything at any time on search engine. If the website is crawling on the first page of search engine result, than its chances of being visited increases which can further help in increasing business.

SEO has shrunk the world market into very small marketing place and has made it easier for people to go global in very less time.

SEO Trends in Marketing

Seo-imageSearch Engine Optimization is a trending word in the world of marketing. Every company uses this powerful tool of marketing in order to reach out to more number of people in less time. Increase use of Internet has made the SEO most effective way of marketing.

Why SEO is Important?

  • Cost Effective: SEO is cost effective marketing tool, in which with low investment companies can reach out to the world very easily and sell out their products and services.
  • Increase Visibility: SEO helps in increasing visibility of the website on internet which helps in more page visit of website and higher chance of people buying your products and services.
  • Builds Brand: SEO helps in building brand of the product by making it visible on search engines.
  • Traffic Driver: SEO helps in driving traffic to your website thus increasing chances of selling products and services.
  • Keeps you Updated: SEO helps in keeping your business updated by making changes in website as per the market requirement, by giving you information about the market trend and making you work on it.

There are many more things which make SEO an important part of marketing tools for the business. SEO has brought the global market into search engine place, where anyone can reach out to any business in a click of a mouse and help increase profits.