Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you're a new customer of one of the product and services below, we encourage you to read thoroughly. If you still need help, We request you to write us at contact@enlighteninfotech.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to achieve result?
A. Result time varies from project to project.

Q. What all processes are used in doing SEO?
A. We use both on-page and off-page SEO.

Q. Which all industries do you serve?
A. We serve almost all industries.

Q. Do you provide content for SEO?
A. Yes, We use our own content for SEO but we may need some information form your end in order to better understand your business. In case you don't like our service then you can even provide us your own content.

Q. What are you pricing for SEO?
A. You can check our plans and pricing at https://www.enlighteninfotech.com/plans-pricing.

Q. Do you negotiate the pricing? Or do you customize your SEO plan as per the requirement?
A. No, We don't negotiate the price, however we do provide custom plans where user can choose the service as per his/her choice but they are limited.
Q. Do you design the whole new website?
A. Yes, We provide the new unique design for website.

Q. Do you re-design the existing website?
A. Yes, We re-design the existing website as per the requirements of the client.

Q. Do you provide the template to choose design?
A. Yes, We provide three template design to choose.

Q. What if I don’t like design of the website?
A. In case you don't like the provided templates design then we ask for the suggestions for the changes and according to it, we will make a fresh new design of it.

Q. Do you provide maintenance for website?
A. Yes, We provide maintenance for website to a fixed duration. Please check maintenance time period at https://www.enlighteninfotech.com/plans-pricing.
Q. Do you provide email list, if I don’t have any?
A. Yes, We provide email list for all region.

Q. Where does the email land in customer’s mail?
A. We will optimize the mails such that they lands in to customers inbox only.

Q. Do You also provide choose option for email template?
A. Yes, We provide multiple template to choose up to three templates.
Q. Do you design the shopping portal?
A. Yes, we provide the design for shopping portal.

Q. Do you help in marketing of my website?
A. Yes, we provide full marketing support for website.

Q. Do you also provide shopping app for various mobile OS?
A. Yes, We provide shopping for all mobile OS.
Q. Do you provide 24x7 call supports?
A. Yes, We provide 24x7 call supports.

Q. For how many countries do you provide support?
A. We provide support to all major countries in the world.

Q. What all services you provide in KPO?
A. We provide services like research, legal and medical services, training, consultancy etc.
Q. Do you provide mobile app for all mobile OS?
A. Yes, We provide mobile app for all mobile OS.

Q. I have a website, do I need one for mobile also?
A. Yes, Mobile app increases the user interface with the website.
Q. Do you provide HD quality video?
A. Yes, We provide HD quality videos.

Q. Do you also provide audio in the video?
A. Yes, We Provide audio in the video.
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Coming Soon....
Q. Do you accept all credit cards?
A. Yes, We accept all type of bank credit cards.

Q. Do you also accept prepaid or gift cards?
A. Yes, We also accept prepaid or gift cards.

Q. Do You accept payment by bank transfer for the services or product offered?
A. Yes, We support bank transfer as well, In order to do payment via bank transfer - mail us at contact@enlighteninfotech.com for more details.

Q. What happen if the payment during the gateway fails?
A. Payment generally won't fails if your connectivity is good but If the payment process fails, please check it with your respective card issuer bank or company for its status.


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